Birding Courses

Theoretical-practical course.
We developed this course since 1996, issued more than 30 times in Argentina and Chile not incorporating new elements permanently.
We seek a good balance between theory and field trips that allow to start from "zero". At the end participants will be able to identify all the birds they find, observe and understand their behavior, not just find the whole diversity but also the particular individual.
Over the years we have learned that birds are the gateway to nature in all its expressions.

In the theoretical meetings, we alternate between "mates", projections and birds in the window, the following topics:
- Identification Methods
- Zoology and Characterization of birds
- Ecology and biogeography of birds
- Evolution and origin
- Ethology and Behavioral
- Reproduction
- Food
- Flight and Migration
- Conservation

In our base in San Martin de los Andes, for this course once a year in spring. The courses are conducted in conjunction with the National University del Comahue.

In other localities organize the course in concentrated form in two weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and usually with other instuciones involved in the organization. We sent some tasks to complete before and after the process.

Materials needed
For lectures do not need anything. There is homework designed to perform on a computer, so anyone with a laptop can bring it to class. Those who have the habit of taking notes there is any problem, and those who prefer to listen ... the notes were delivered on a CD.
For field trips: It is important to consider the climatic conditions of each region. We came out with snow or shirt as the place! But always we recommend good footwear, sunscreen and water.
Equipment needed:
1.Binoculares. Those who decide to buy should be 10X. Consult us before to buy. Also there will be some to share.
2. Fieldbook. The best is the classic that uses the grocer (black and small) Best size is to have it in your pocket. If paper is plain without lines better.
3. Pencil and gum
4. Bird Guide Book. You can also get there in the libraries. We recommend the guide "Birds of Argentina and Uruguay" by Tito Narosky.

Requirements for certification:
There are two requirements:
- The first is attendance at 80% of the theoretical and outings. We recommend not to miss the first.
- The second is to do two homworks. One is a personal list in excel and other identification is a job

Alumni Trip: Every year at the end of the course is usually organized, informally, a "graduation trip" involving students from the previous litters. Almost always do different environments to which the grade and for the presence of some local observer group with whom to share.

Teachers in charge: Horacio Matarasso and equipment